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Buying or selling a home is the most daunting task as well as the most expensive one. The real estate solutions can help you with the best deal possible. The real estate industry has various dimensions, such as buyer, seller, real estate agents, and many others. For the larger volume property, you can consider the real estate agents, however, anything can’t be compared with the technology. The most geared real estate property, auction properties are only declared through the internet, and you can consider it as your hunting process.

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Attire Selection Solution

A solution with the team of good designer & great customer service needs to be spread and should be adopted by fashionistas. Stylists on the app is different approach and you just have to tell them your choices and specifications. Feature of the solution are:

  • Profile registration
  • Question answering of choices(size, material, color, etc)
  • Category to select
  • Suggestions Are provided
  • Membership for personal shopper
  • Different types of the payment
  • Scheduling appointment with the shopper (if needed)

    Slowly but indisputably IoT is changing fashion and lifestyle industry. That is not only about the designing clothing and all. IoT includes smart clothes and enhance the experience of the customer.

    • Smart Clothes Are Engaging And Interactive
    • Bluetooth Signals Can Help You Identify The Date
    • It Can Send Location
    • Real-Time Transmission With The Different Iot Sensors
    • Sensors To Monitor Heart Rate
    • GPS Tracking Sensor
    • Skin Fit Movement

    To allow the customer for the better understanding, wearable can give them valuable insights. There are many wearables collaborates with the fashion houses.

    • Inclusion/Exclusion Of Clothes For Your Health/li>
    • Make Smart Phones To No Longer With Us
    • Book The Date , Schedule Appointment
    • Send GPS Location
    • Merge With Iot And Add Digital Clothing

    This industry was first that recognize the value of bot development. Whether it is e-commerce or it is for the dating app , chatbots are good options to get it. Because everyone loves personalizes approach.

    • Bots Can Help To Ask Questions
    • Faqs Answers
    • Gather Customer Data And Reply
    • Predict The Later Option
    • Direct Message To The Dating Person
    • Suggestions, Push Notifications

    The bot is the tool or technology helps for the most daunting tasks as well. If people want to find the property the bot can help for the automation.

    • Speed up the process through automation
    • Send a message, do research and answer the question
    • Send a message, do research and answer the question
    • Talk with the pre-qualifying leads
    • Talk with the pre-qualifying leads
    • Follow-ups
    • Available 24*7
    • Real-time inquiry

    The game-changer is a mixed reality. The real estate industry is fortunate to have the AR and VR. The power of the VR industry helps the real estate agents to grow their business via leads and get more and more clients.

    • VR Helps For The Virtual Property Showcase
    • Helps To Show The 3d Walkthrough
    • Allow To Check Property Without Visiting It
    • Helps To Show 360-Degree Videos
    • Helps For The Virtual Staging

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